Monday, February 17, 2014

Thing 12

I am trying out Wattpad first.  It is very easy to get started on.  I was pleasantly surprised by finding  an old favorite book of mine right out of the gate.  The Dirt Eaters is the first book in a really great Science Fiction/Fantasy series. There are some published books here for free!  I think this would be a really good app to teach to my students as they don't have transportation or cash and they could find a lot to read here.  I am wowed by the amount of reading material there is here.  My search for paranormal romance came up with a list of more titles than I could read in a year.  There are also suggested lists that would help my students wade through the titles.  I really liked this app.

Next I decided to try Audiobooks.  I love to listen to books while driving and have a subscription to Audible.  I tried the free books out because that is what my students would use and because, well, they are free.  I tried three different books and I can not recommend them.  The readers are not very good, just serviceable. Still, if you wanted to hear a book read and you didn't want to pay for it, this app would be a good way to do that. I am just too picky a listener. This is a nice alternative for folks that have trouble reading and would like to hear some classics.

I have had the Teen Book Finder on my phone for at least a year, maybe more.  I don't find it that useful.  I wish it would give a little be longer descriptions of most of the books.

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