Friday, February 21, 2014

Thing 16

Audio!  Ugh, I hate hearing my voice.  I don't suppose I am the only one that feels this way. Your own voice sounds so different in your head than it does in real life.  I will try Audioboo to start off.  This downloaded quickly and easily.  I was able to just login and go to town with it.  I hated every minute of using it, but it worked very easily and well. This app could be very useful for my ELL teachers and students.  Speaking is one of the big hurdles with my students.  They are very shy and afraid to speak up.  I am thinking that they might find it easier to talk to a device such as the iPad so that they can then hear themselves speaking English.  I will introduce this app to my teachers and see what they think.
Next I decided to try SoundCloud.  This was a much bigger hit with me.  I love country music and when I looked for it on SoundCloud, I found a lot of songs I do like. The record feature was very easy to use and I liked seeing the voice detector, or whatever it is, working while I spoke.

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