Sunday, February 09, 2014

Thing 8

This thing is taking me a bit longer to try and review.  There are a lot of apps to consider here.  I first downloaded and played with Hootsuite.  This one was fairly easy for me to adapt to.  It is a lot like Tweetdeck which I have used for a few years now.  Once I figured out how to pull up FB and Twitter on the same page, I was in heaven :)  This is so nice to be able to follow both feeds in one window.  I just don't know why once I close Hootsuite, the configuration goes away and I have to pull the Twitter and FB feeds up again by using the edit button.  Now that I have this app, I may use Twitter more often. I really like that I can send a message or post to all three of my social accounts at once.

The next one I tried was FriendCaster which is only for Facebook. It seems to work fine, but I don't see using it over FaceBook.  It doesn't really have any more to offer over FB.

I did like Cloze.  This one offers a single app way to keep up with all of my social networks.  It offers a quick way to see what my closest friends are up to and any messages sent my way. I thought the people the app picked as my closest friends was pretty accurate, too. Now just don't ask me who got the top scores, okay?? Hope I'm in your list!

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