Friday, February 21, 2014

Thing 14

Once again I am frustrated because I can't find any of the apps except for Magisto, on my iPad.  I can find all sorts of apps that have the best of Vine, but not the app itself.  I can't figure out what I could be doing wrong.  When I search the apps, the name will pop up, but then the list will be for other apps such as Vimeo, InstaCollage, etc.  Arghhhh, this is frustrating to the max. I can get any and all of the apps on my phone.  What is the deal?

I did try out Magisto.  As I am home from school on a snow day, I decided to video stuff around the house.  The dogs made a likely topic and I had fun following them around.  Dressing up the video was so easy with this app.  It took maybe 5 or 10 minutes for Magisto to doctor up my video and I liked the way it came out.  I have never been too keen on making videos, but this app makes it so easy, I just might use it for tutorials in the library. It would be really good for my ELL student lessons. I could show them how to use shelf markers, checkout and return books, etc.

I loaded Viddy onto my iPhone and tried it there.  I liked the ease of use, but it seemed to take longer than Magisto to focus and compensate for differences in lighting. The artistic components seemed about the same as well. I can see myself using this app to quickly tape and narrate a video to teach aspects of library use. Still, I liked Magisto better.

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