Sunday, February 09, 2014

Thing 9

I am trying these tools, but I would really rather use my "big" camera and Photoshop for photographs.   I can see these tools as being some quick fun, though.  First I tried out the ColorSplurge.  This is a really easy, fast, way to put color where you want it in a photo.  I tried it out on our little old dog. Fun!  I just am not that crazy about the photos my iPad and/or phone take.
Arghhhhh!  I tried to get Line Camera, but it won't come up.  This is the second app that has done this to me.  It will come up on my phone, but not on my iPad.  Whats the deal with that?
So I used it on my iPhone and tried to share it with my FB, but I seem to have done something wrong as I have just a plain white screen that I don't seem to be able to do anything with. Help!  Now I can't use the app at all :(  Oh, finally I am back to the home screen.  I got my photo to go to FB, so here it is:

I liked these two apps.  I can see using them with my phone or iPad when I am out and about, just for fun.  I enjoy using my Olympus Camera too much to give it up for one of these devices, but for fun I can see using the iphone and these apps.

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