Friday, February 21, 2014

Thing 18

These look really cool.  First I am going to try the 3D Brain....I sure could use one.  This is fascinating.  I learned so much in just a few minutes of looking around in this app.  I think I may know what is going on with my daughter's sleep problems!  Well, she can at least ask the doctor about it, anyway.  I believe I shared this app with one of the science teachers at my school in the past, but I never really looked at it deeply.  I will double check with the science teachers on Monday to see if they know about it.  Way cool!
The Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus interested me as we have Nooks in the hands of our ELL students and they might be able to really make use of a good dictionary.  Unfortunately, I think this dictionary would be too difficult for them.  I will, however, show it to the English teachers and see if they would like to try it.  I can easily load it onto the Nooks for them.  I think I will enjoy using this dictionary, though.
Next up is artCircles. I had fun playing with this app, but then I realized it was about selling the art. It is still a fun way to play around looking at art, but I don't like the sales aspect. Maybe I am a snob, but this is no way to buy art.  I happen to be an artist and come from a family of artists, so I guess that makes my take on this app a little different.
I have worked with Duolingo on my computer and it is pretty darn cool.  I can't seem to get beyond the second level of the Spanish lessons, darn it.  Just never have been talented when it comes to math, music or language.  I wish they had an English from Thai or Karen app, but that is probably too much to hope for.  I enjoy working on the Spanish language, but I don't see the app being very helpful to my students as they are all ELL and mostly from Thailand and Burma.

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