Friday, February 21, 2014

Thing 17

The first app I tried was, of course, the Beer Activist.  Unfortunately, no go.  I could not find it on my iPad or my iPhone.  Poop!  The next app I tried was the State Fair app.  Wow!  Tommy and I love the state fair, so this one will for sure get used next fall.  Unfortunately, I could not load this app onto my iPad.  What is the problem with the iPad app finder?  Arghhhhh, frustration. The same thing happened with Minneapolis by Open Places.  I can't find it on my iPad, only on my phone.  Can someone out there in Thingland please tell me what is going on????  I am going crazy with this problem.
I did get Minneapolis by Open Places on my phone, but then I could not sign in.  I will try again later as it may just be a little glitch today.
I LOVE the Going Out app.  It has so many different venues to choose from.  Sometimes it is last minute and you just feel like going out, but have no plans.  This app would be a good solution.  I like that it includes movies and museums and restaurants and stuff.

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