Friday, February 21, 2014

Thing 19

I tried the Sibley Guide to Birds.  It is a really nice app.  I especially like that you can hear the songs of each bird.  There are way too few birds in the free app.  I think I might actually splurge on the full app.  I love to watch the birds at my feeder, but I am not really a "bird watcher."  My dad was though and I wish he was here so that I could show this to him.  He used to listen to the bird calls on an old record player we had!
I didn't know that Spotify was available for mobile devices.  This is pretty great news. I have used it on my computer before. I am a country music lover and Spotify has a ton of it for me.  When I play music in my library, I only play classical and mostly Mozart.  I could arrange that on my iPad or iPhone, I suppose.  It might take a little time, but I think I will try to put that together.

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