Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thing 22

I have been using Apps Gone Free ever since Metronet hosted appy hour at Old Chicago in Roseville.      They do have a lot of games on it, which I am not too interested in, but I have found some other very useful apps.  I love the translator I found here, Voice Translator. I can speak into my phone and then play back my message in another language.  This will really be helpful to us when we are in Japan next year! I also found a scanner I sometimes use here.  It's just a really fun app to check each day and see what apps are out there.  I enjoy it.
I could not find Quixey on my iPhone or iPad and of course droid of the day is not for either of these devices.
I did find another app to find apps.  It is called Free App Finder, clever huh. The apps can be searched by type or category. I found an interesting app under utilities. The Anti Dog Bark app.  This app emits a sound at different frequencies.  This could actually work.  I used to have a little device that did the same sort of thing and would work on dogs when I was biking. Unfortunately, some of the apps I tried to download from this service just gave me bad links :(  I think Apps Gone Free is much better.

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