Friday, February 21, 2014

Thing 20

I have been playing Candy Crush for at least a year, I think.  It is so addictive and just when I think I can't go any further and I must give up......low and behold I beat the level.  I think I am on level 83 or something ridiculous like that.  It is a real pain, but we love it.

So then I tried the Temple Run....yikes!   It is too intense for me.  I think my blood pressure shot up after the first few tries. I need something a bit calmer.

So now I have to try Frogger.  Maybe others don't know this, but this game was created by Dave Lubar, the author!  He is a big time gamer and has created many. Okay, this game is really sorta old.  I am not enjoying it all that much.

Okay, the Despicable Me app is also a little bit to frantic for me.  I don't like all the running and swiping and ducking and running.  I think I will stick with Candy Crush after all.

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