Friday, February 21, 2014

Thing 13

I first tried out Deck Slideshow Presentations.  I had never heard of this one. I got a big kick out of this app.  It couldn't be easier to use.  What a great way to teach kids how to make a better, cleaner presentation.  This is a really good tool for teaching people how to make a dynamic presentation.  I would like to show my students how to use this simple app. Since we have 270 Nooks at school, I think I will be using this a lot!
Next I tried out Haiku Deck.  I like this even better because the images are so easy to plug in.  It does a lot of the same things the Deck Slideshow Presentations does.  I can see how it would teach people to make better presentations.  Unfortunately, my kids don't have iPads to try it on so I won't be teaching this one.

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