Friday, February 21, 2014

Thing 15

Ahhh Infographics.  This is a fairly new phenomena on the education front.  I would say that I generally like them, but I see so many that don't really make sense.  I think it is good to use them to show numbers and statistics.  It doesn't make sense to use them just to put in little icons and stickers to illustrate.  To me, they are being touted as the be all end all and I just don't think it is so.
That being said, I looked at Infographics Hub first.
I like looking at Infographics with this app.  Many times when I try to view one of these things that is posted on the web, I can't even read it because it is so very small. I looked for Infographics about libraries and finding nothing, I looked for book.  Still nothing.  Then I looked for dogs, I love dogs, but found nothing.  Finally, I found three when looking for animals.  I really liked one on Owning Exotic Pets. It made sense to me as it displayed and described stats around exotic pet ownership.  Bravo! Then I looked for immigration.....nothing.  I think it would be hard to use this app very much for school work.  It would be a good way for students to see and explore infographics so that they could get a feel for making one themselves.
Next I tried i Visual Info Touch Lite. It is a simple app to start using right away, but the images to use seem sort of slim. I don't think I would try to teach student to make infographics with this app.  It just doesn't seem deep enough. 

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